What We’re Loving Wednesday: Briogeo Curl Charisma Review

A review of the popular Briogeo Curl Charisma product line. In this episode of What We're Loving Wednesdays, bizewife takes a look (and a love) at the Briogeo Curly Hair Products line.

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Welcome to the first installment of What We’re Loving Wednesday (or WWLW for short). The goal of this series is to share with our readers the products we truly love and have made our lives a little bit (or a lot) easier and better. Obviously, we will focus on affordability and utility, but some of these products will be splurges. We are firm believers that buying cheap  sometimes does cost more in the long run. First up is the Briogeo line.  Here’s our review of the Briogeo Curl Charisma line.

I have tried every curl-hair product out there: Miss Jessie’s, Ouidad, L’oreal EverCurl, Mixed Chicks, DevaCurl, Shea Moisture, Kinky Curly, Curl Keeper. I also love using castor, argan, and coconut oils on my mane. You name it; I’ve tried it. Product junky that I am, I love experimenting with different formulas until I find the perfect combination of moisture intensity (sans grease), healthy ingredients, frizz control capability, and fragrance. I used to think my journey towards soft, well-defined, bouncy curls would never end.  Well, it may be time to throw away my walking shoes. I think I stumbled on the jackpot with the Briogeo Curl Charisma line.

I was first attracted to the Briogeo line after learning they were a 6-Free product line. I’d never heard of 6-Free, but I don’t even know a nail polish brand that isn’t the famous 5-Free anymore. A “clean” hair product? I was curious whether this tree-hugging company would live up to the hype or whether they were just creatively branding green, but ineffective products. After all, I know that while my hair technically loves coconut oil alone, my mirror does not. I need a product to control frizz without leaving my hair as crunchy as Nature’s Valley granola bars. I also hate the greasy feeling that heavier creme moisturizers leave behind.

In this episode of What We're Loving Wednesdays, bizewife takes a look (and a love) at the Briogeo Curly Hair Products line.

I got the best of all world’s in the Briogeo Curl Charisma line.  The Rice Amino and Quinoa Leave-in Creme and Gel are literally God’s gift to this 3C head. After applying to my washed and conditioned damp hair, I set about my day. The next time I looked in the mirror (after lunch to pick spinach out of my teeth), I had to do a double take. I felt like a shampoo commercial girl. There was so much volume (no heavy product weigh down), but my hair had retained length (no shrinkage) and had set itself in the most beautifully defined curl pattern. And even in a moisture-murdering heated office in the dead of winter, my hair still felt soft and well-moisturized.

I was in heaven. A lightweight curl defining product that was tested safe? And actually worked? And smelled great (a supersoft, non-chemical scent)? Sign me up. And now I am sharing with you! Briogeo is sold at a number of retailers including Lord & Taylor, Sephora, and QVC. Even Amazon sells the Briogeo Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Avocado Leave-In Defining Creme if you need curl care in 24-48 hours or less (you can Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial for free with this link). And many of these stores participate in the EBates and Mr. Rebates programs. I always make sure to shop through one of these portals. Let’s face it, $20 isn’t cheap for a tube or tub of product (even if it’s the best product in the world.) So I am always on board for saving a few extra bucks on these splurges.

So that’s what we’re loving this Wednesday. Let us know if you give the Briogeo line a try.

Have you ever used Briogeo products? If not, what is your curly hair care routine? Do you cheap out or splurge on products?

This post contains affiliate links. The opinions expressed are always that of bizewife and have not been influenced in any way. As always your support is appreciated.


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    Sounds awesome, Heather! I’m always looking for a natural product that will define my locks without leaving them crunchy or greasy. I’ve tried several too and will definitely try this one. Thanks!

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