biz·e·wife is Heather. She's a talent management professional and career coach, and in her former life moonlit as an attorney.  Interior design, investing, and lasagna are current pet projects.



Elliot aka biz·e·husband is a photographer (link to photo pro site) and tech whiz. He also happens to be a decorated vet, real estate whiz, and adoring dad.


We live in a thankfully not-so-cramped New York City apartment and share custody of two bambinas (one human, one furry). In our endless bank of spare time, we take on renovation projects and dream about our next vacation. Travel is our main shared passion and pocket drain, but we're pretty savvy about that.

Together we formed the biz·e·wife team to fill what they saw was a hole in the blogosphere--content driven sites dedicated to professional women (and men) who also have a very active home and social life. Whether you're running after school age children, planning a six course meal for 8, or planning your retirement, we at biz·e·wife are dedicated to making the journey a little sweeter. We hope that you will join us in our journey towards personal financial literacy and wealth building, with a sprinkle of style thrown in for good measure.

Why biz·e·wife? Oops, you didn't know? biz·e·wife and biz·e·hubs aren't married. That's right? A work and home blog curated by singletons?! And one that invokes the W word. The horror! Immediately discount any advice you read from here on out. Feel free to take a moment to click away.

Ok, for those of you left, please enjoy what we have to offer. Looking forward to getting to know you better.