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And just in time for Halloween!  A little over a year ago, we went on the market for a new mattress. We were upgrading our bed from our long loved queen size to a luxurious king. We travel a lot and have been lucky enough to stay in some amazing hotels. When we bought our new place, we just knew we wanted our home to feel like a spa retreat. And a big part of that was making sure that our bedroom was designed with hotel aesthetics in mind. So king size bed it was!

Easier said than done.

As you may know, we live in New York City and moving is twice the headache that it is in the suburbs. It had been a nightmare to pack up our current mattress and box spring and attempt to navigate into a cramped elevator, up narrow stairs, and through an uncomfortably tight door frame. With minimal damage done to the walls, we were able to successfully transport our mattress. But it was a queen and I was quickly doubting my dreams of getting an additional king into the apartment.

I did a bunch of research, but kept stumbling upon horror stories of delivering mattresses. I’d just about given up hope until one day when I was riding the subway to work I noticed banner advertisements flocking one half of the train. The cute cartoons caught my attention and I quickly navigated to the Casper website. (Ah the power of advertising and transit Wi-Fi.) At the time, their site was super basic and proudly touted the tag line: “Our award winning mattress is so perfect we only make one.” (They now make sheets and pillows.) My curiosity was further piqued when I found a Casper was able to quickly deliver king sized mattresses in a compact form with zero delivery fee.

Casper 3But would it be any good? IKEA has a similar schtick (minus the free delivery), but I’d heard pretty terrible things about the quality and comfort of the mattress. But at least I could test an IKEA mattress in the store. I mean I’m an old-school boxspring and coil Sleepy’s soul. How could I buy a mattress sight unseen?! Well I did. Casper gave us some peace of mind with their 100 night guarantee. We could test the mattress out for 100 nights and if we didn’t like it we could return it free of charge with no restocking or shipping fees to pay back. So if nothing else I was going to get nearly 3 1/2 months of free sleeping.

So I ponied up $900 and pressed place order. The mattress arrived in less than a week (to be fair Casper let me know that they were experiencing delays in shipping time). It came in a box that measured about 3’x4′; not tiny but certainly not large enough to hold a king size mattress right?


The only way I can explain the opening process is to think about Grands! biscuits or a bottle of champagne. Once you crack open the seal the mattress explodes out. Watch out! Kidding but in all seriousness that mattress is itching to get out and under you. It comes wrapped in plastic sheathing and some reviews mentioned that the mattress might have a plastic smell. We didn’t experience that but if you do, I would recommend letting the mattress air out for a day.

We placed our mattress directly on top of our slat non-platform bed and went to work -er sleep. One of Casper’s big claims is that you don’t need to use any box spring. Well we slept without one for about two weeks and then got one. The mattress itself felt great but there was still slippage at the corners where there were no supporting slats. To prevent uneven wear and to make for a more even and elevated sleeping experience (pun intended), we picked up two low profile twin extra long box springs. Those were super easy to get into the apartment and fit perfectly into our king size bed frame. And for the next 86 days, we tossed and turned, jumped up and down, and generally tried our darndest to have an uncomfortable night’s sleep. But we didn’t. And a year later, we are still sleeping better with the Casper than we ever did with our traditional coil and pillow topper mattress. I used to have recurring hip and back pain, which I assumed was from running or other exercise. Since we’ve had the Casper, however, the pain has disappeared. The pain was clearly attributable to my old mattress and I would have had no clue but for the switch.

Casper 2I recommend Casper wholeheartedly, with the caveat about the boxspring. The fast free shipping and excellent customer service really stand out as benefits.  And while it’s not cheap, Casper is not measurably more expensive than other lower quality mid-range mattresses (and heck of a lot cheaper than some of those crazy ones). Plus there are a few ways to save. If you purchase your mattress through our referral link, you’ll receive a $50 75 discount.

Are you in the market for a new mattress? What brands are topping your list? If you have a Casper already, let us know how you’re sleeping.

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